Art Work and Set Up Information

Art that is 100% ready for production means that no further touch up or repair is required. Please take into consideration that the condition of your submittal is a direct reflection of the finished product.** If further preparation or repair is required, art preparation fees will apply.


Camera Ready Art Work for Embroidery means that you HAVE A LOGO OR GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR EMBROIDERY in an art that is "100% ready for production". This means that you, the customer, provides a digitized embroidery file in any of the machine formats ready for sewing (such as Tajima -.dst, Melco Condensed -.cnd, etc.) or design and/or digitizing charges will apply.

What is Digitalized Art?
Digitized embroidery files are created by importing an existing graphic or logo into a digitizing software program and then "tracing over" that design with stitch patterns. Images can be scanned from a paper copy of your color design, including letterheads and business cards or they can be imported from a digital art file. Black and white line art is also acceptable, so long as any color areas required are designated in some way.

Digital art files of logos or designs are created and saved or exported from a professional graphics program. Acceptable graphic program formats include files created in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or any paint program that can export an image. Acceptable saved or exported bitmap file formats include .eps, .gif, .jpg, .tiff or .bmp at any resolution, but the higher the better. Images taken from websites are not preferable, as they are low resolution images and cannot be enlarged clearly. We will also accept Adobe Illustrator .eps or .ai files (version 7.0 or lower) and Corel Draw .cdr files (version 12.0 or lower). Please submit PC-formatted files. Generally, the larger and cleaner the provided art, the better the finished product.


Camera Ready Art Work for screen printing is Artwork that is clean vectored color and/or black and white line art. Vectored art is resolution independent and allows scaling to any size without loss of quality. Vectored images also allow color separating and insure the cleanest image is produced on the final product. When creating your design, be sure to convert text to "objects" , "paths" or "outlines", otherwise attach a copy of the fonts used with your submittal.

Files we accept are Adobe Illustrator .eps or .ai files (version 8.0 or lower), Corel Draw .cdr files (version 12.0 or lower) and in most cases Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. Please submit PC-formatted files. We do not accept the following file types: .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .doc (Microsoft Word), .ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint), .psd (Adobe PhotoShop) and .qxd (Quark Xpress). These kinds of files, in addition to art from business cards, letterhead, photocopies, and other art that is not digital, will need to be scanned and recreated as vectored images. Be advised that exporting or saving any image as an .eps, .ai or .cdr file does not produce a vectored image unless it was originally created or saved as such.

Artwork is billed at $50.00 per hour with 15 minute increments and includes

  • 1. logo and design development
  • 2. Design concepts ( includes e-mail/phone)
  • 3. Separations
  • 4. Digital file output preparation
  • 5. Scanning /color corrections
  • 6. Any and all design services
The quality of the artwork created and readied for production directly affects the final look of the finished product. If you decide to use self-designed or previously-designed artwork that does not meet all our criteria for camera ready art work, please be aware that the finished work may be less than perfect. When using pre-made art work, Gilby's cannot be responsible for the quality of the screen printed or embroidered look of the finished product.