Patches - There is a difference

Embroidered emblems offer you a more versatile approach to embroidery. Most times embroidered patches are typically less expensive to create and can do very well on items sometimes deemed non-embroiderable.

There are two parts to creating an embroidered image: the development of a logo or graphic design, and the digitizing of that design to create a computer file that instructs the embroidery machine what to sew where. These are two distinct processes and the billing for each process is separate.

Although we are an In-house shop, the patches are produced at our factory located in Taipei, Taiwan. Rush service is available and every measure is taken to provide you with the absolute best looking patch you can buy. Our clients include Police/Fire Department/Rescue squads/Churches/Clubs etc.

We welcome any request and would be happy to answer your questions. Call us at of email us at